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Photographing Women in Oregon

by Gene Constant

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Photographing Women in Oregon by Gene Constant is the latest of his third photographic E-book illustration. These photographs of beautiful and attractive women were taken in the Central and Western part of Oregon.

The objective of this illustration is to provide samplings of delightful and favorable clear, simple and easy postures and film techniques to get the point of what it is to capture a memorable and meaningful image for both; artist and photographer. Outstanding photographic images do not have to be high-priced to capture the beautiful essence of an image.

Readers can be taught and trained with the proper film techniques including postures, images, and stage setting to capture essence of nature.

Professional Photographer
Gene is a licensed and skilled photographer by the Professional photographers of America, a certified photographer counselor of the boy scouts of America. His work has been published in Minolta and other magazines and has also owned a photography studio in Springfield, Illinois, mastered photography and has shared his experience by educating and schooling others that have the desire to become professional photographers.
Gene's work has been in several national competitions in Illinois and this is his thrid edition book of women photographs that will be featured in and sold in Scribd and

Gene's good old days
Gene Constant moved to Eugene, Oregon in 2008 with his wife Christina and the following year adopted their only son which they named Pie Face. Latter on he met Sherry, the asian woman on the front cover illustration and have been friends for over a decade. Sherry has worked closely with Gene to improve his new organization as a business owner of a screen printing and embroidery in Riverside, California. Sherry has been a great friend and was also a great support in selecting and training new employees when Gene and Christina reallocated to Oregon.

Captivating the essence
The most significant part of the photo is the contemplation of the face. The photographer should take into consideration the outlook (perspective). Perspective is relating to capturing an image at a closer distance possible and is the first step into capturing a greater image for the viewers appreciation. A closeup gives the photo a clearness and polished essence of image. The first and most popular focus point for most women is their eyes and facial features to create and dominate, the second preferred focus is abs, breasts and butt. A great tip to remember when taking photos is not to focus on a women's nostrils.
Over the last 40 years Gene has individualized his own creation which he refers to as "the signature of women's portrait" a difficult posture he calls, "Moon shot." The Moon shot is created by standing on a higher level such as a ladder, or straddling a tree limb while the model is looking up as if she were admiring the moonlight, while the photographer focuses on the women's features (face and body) and capturing the surroundings around to create a natural and beautiful image.

Photo shooting women
Women enjoy having their picture taken in that it gives them the opportunity to dress up, and in a sense change personalities. A women can transform their appearance by changing their hair, facial expressions and clothing. Women enjoy photographs being that it’s a memorable moment that they can admire at a latter time in their life. Gene reminiscences of the ties he watched his mother look at old photographs when his mother was very young. Photographs of her in a bathing suit back in the 1920's when photos were black and white. Gene mentions how he came to realize how important photos were for women and he goes on to say, "You only live once and your youth does not last forever."



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publisher: Gene Constant (December 9, 2016)
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Photographing Women in Oregon Gene Constant

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